How to Get to Kelimutu Lakes


How to Get to Kelimutu Lakes - Kelimutu lakes are one among the foremost beautiful sights in Indonesia and one among the explanations why i might recommend you to spend a while on Flores instead of only staying round the Komodo Islands. The park itself is well-known by many for its 3 forever-shifting tri-colored volcanic lakes that are situated 1,639 m above sea-level on top of a mountain. Now, knowing where to travel on Flores is half the journey . the opposite half is knowing the way to get there which is why i made a decision to write down this guide. Here is everything you would like to understand to urge to Kelimutu lakes and hike up at sunrise.

A Road to Kelimutu Map

Where to remain in Moni

Ende - Berlian Hotel - 19.00 USD/Night (Standard Double Room)

New and clean with good facilities and excellent value for money. it's also located only a couple of kilometers faraway from the airport.

Moni - Mahoni Guesthouse - 24.00 USD/Night (Double Room with Private Shower)

Located right the most street, near an active restaurant and cafe. it's also the sole place with a hot shower which is extremely hard to return by within the remote village of Moni. The night gets really cold so trust me, you'll appreciate having it. Book beforehand as they only have 4 rooms and it gets booked really fast.

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How to Get to Kelimutu

Kelimutu lakes are located within the eastern a part of Flores island and there are 2 cities with airports you'll fly into, Ende and Maumere. Ende may be a little closer then i might recommend you begin your journey to Kelimutu from there.

Getting to Ende isn't too difficult. If you're coming from elsewhere, there are regular flights coming from Bali on to Ende and Maumere so you'll fly into these cities.

If you're just finishing your Komodo island trip in Labuan Bajo and you would like the fastest way possible to visit Kelimutu, there are several cheap flights you'll fancy Ende for as low as 30 USD a method via Wings Air or Garuda Airline.

If you would like to travel on-land through Flores, you'll take a bus from Labuan Bajo to Ende. it's an extended journey so i might recommend you split the trip and stop in Ruteng and Bajawa before arriving in Ende then head over to Maumere after Kelimutu to require a flight back. Ruteng and Bajawa are really worth stopping.

If you would like to book a flight, try searching on Skyscanner or Momondo for "H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport" or "ENE" and compare prices between airlines. Either you're coming from Bali or Labuan Bajo, you'll find many cheap domestic flights to Ende on Skyscanner or Momondo.

You can also browse Skyscanner or Momondo for the most cost effective flight from where you reside to Bali and from Bali to Ende.