Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Young People


Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Young People - No one can guarantee conditions in the future. All we have to do is prepare protection so that when the risk comes, we are ready with the solution. One of them is by joining a health insurance program. Insurance is not buying and selling risk as public perception so far. 

The core of insurance business is protection. That is, if the risk does not occur, insurance protection still exists and we are grateful because it is still given the kindness by the almighty. But if the risk occurs, the insurance will cover it. That is the importance of insurance, even for young people, because risk cannot be eliminated, it can only be reduced. 

There are many incidents that are young but have been exposed to dangerous diseases and even life-threatening. Not only for young people in general, but this happens to artists who incidentally have sufficient funds to finance a healthy lifestyle. Take for example the artists Julia Perez, Olga Syahputra and so on. Cancer for quite a long time would require a large fee. From here many young people began to open up with insurance products, especially health. For those of you who are beginners, it's good to pay attention to the following tips before taking health insurance products:

The sooner the better, the more postponed the more expensive costs - When physically healthy, the health insurance premiums paid are also small because the risks faced are also relatively small. Generally the insurer will consider the insurance application submitted by checking various health conditions as well as age. As a result of being late to join the insurance program is after you realize it and only use it after illness, the premium costs will be more expensive.

To Be Economical and Practical, Choose Family Health Insurance, Don't Individual - Insurance offers individual products as well as comprehensive protection in one family. If you want to be practical and economical, you can try to choose a policy to be with, which means one policy for all family members. We do not know who will suffer the risk of illness, from this the need for overall protection in a family, especially for those who are married and it would be even better if the protection was added to parents.

By buying one policy for all family members, the cost of the premium is more affordable than each policy for each family member.

If You Intend To Have More Than One Insurance Product, Choose Which Can Double Claim.

Understand Products Especially Regarding the Claim Process - Insurance disputes almost always occur in the claim process. Therefore, it is important to understand each article and clause listed in the insurance policy. The goal is to avoid things that are not in line with expectations due to lack of understanding or misunderstanding.

Choose the Premium Amount in Accordance with Ability - Young age is identical to following the current lifestyle trends that seem endless. Quite often many are trapped in a glamorous life without good financial planning. You must realize this early on. Financial planning is important, one of which concerns the preparation of protection from the health side.

Make a budget allocation for health insurance premiums, and adjust the amount of premium you want to take with ability. Do not force yourself to not even be able to enjoy life due to the burden of insurance premiums. Adjust the premium you want to take, with a salary of at least 10% of salary.