Top Traditional Food of Yogyakarta


Top  Traditional Food of Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta may be a city that's always praised for its culture and fine arts. However there's another aspect to Yogyakarta that ought to not be overlooked . Yogyakarta offers a good array of culinary delicacy. There are numerous traditional food that the town has created. Below are 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta. Read on to seek out out what they're .
1. Tiwul
Tiwul may be a very traditional food of Yogyakarta that has become popular in other cities too. Tiwul is formed from pounding cassava then drying it afterwards. The cassava is then called as gaplek.

The pounded cassava is steamed with sugar already added thereto . The steaming ends when it's fully cooked. Young, grated coconut is added on top of it making it taste a touch savoury.

2. Jadah Tempe

Jadah Tempe consists of two sorts of food. the primary one is formed from rice that has been pounded and molded. The other is tempe bacem. Tempe bacem is tempeh that's marinaded for hours with tons of spices and sugar.

After being marinaded, the tempeh is typically fried. The result's sweet and savoury tempeh. Both of these food are eaten together. Sometimes the tempe bacem is replaced with tofu.

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3. Bakpia Pathok

The name Pathok comes from an area in Yogyakarta where the food was first made. Bakpia Pathok may be a rounded cake roll that's often small.

Inside the cake roll there's mung beans. The mung beans are already cooked and pounded until they become soft enough as a filling.

Other fillings for Bakpia Pathok also include cheese or chocolate. This traditional food is extremely popular and sold at many shops everywhere the town . it's so popular that tons of individuals would buy this food as souvenirs.

4. Cethil
Cethil may be a traditional food that's made up of sago flour. coloring is usually mixed into the flour to form Cethil looks colourful. the feel of Cethil is chewy and therefore the taste is nice . Cethil is usually served inside alittle , banana leaf. Grated coconut is added to Cethil.

5. Yangko

Yangko is especially made up of glutinous rice flour. The Yangko that's already made is additionally covered in bits of the glutinous rice flour. The flavour of this food is nice . As for the feel , it’s chewy. Sometimes it's compared to the japanese food, mochi.

The shape of Yangko is square and little . Inside the Yangko, there's peanut filling. The filling for Yangko are often fruity too like strawberry or melon. Yangko are often found in most food shops in Yogyakarta.